Security Services


For your added security extra measures have been put in place, so please let the Bank know if you plan to travel out of the state of AR.

Shazam Bolt$ — Carry your debit card with more peace of mind.

This free service is available to all of our customers. Easily monitor and control your transactions with a few taps to the screen of your mobile device.

Transaction Monitoring

Set up parameters for your purchases in the Bolt$ app. Any time a transaction happens outside of the parameters you set, you’ll receive an email.

Transaction Control

This feature gives you the power to protect your accounts. If your card has been lost or misplaced, simply block your debit card with the tap of a button in the Bolt$ app. You can unblock your card just as easily! This convenience saves you the time it takes to call a number should you lose your card.

Get Started Today

Download the free app for your Apple® or Android™ device. 

View the Cardholder User Guide for enrollment instructions and additional helpful info.

Falcon Fraud Manager — Reduce the potential impact of fraudulent transactions.

Enjoy even more power to protect your debit card purchases.  You’ll be contacted to determine the validity of a suspicious transaction — so you can catch fraudulent transactions faster, and reduce any potential impact.

Additional Resources — Avoid scams and stay safe online. 

Ensure additional safety by staying informed about online security risks and scams: